David Coulthard (left) and Mikka Häkkinen (right) with Jürgen Schrempp.
Formel1 Fahrer
Alexander Haig (right) served as United States Secretary of State under President Reagan and White House Chief of Staff under Presidents Nixon and Ford.
General Haig
Schrempp receiving the Hans-Peter Stihl Prize in Stuttgart, October 2005.
Schrempp and Jürgen Hubbert, member of the Board of DaimlerChrysler AG until 2005.
Jürgen Hubbert
Jürgen Schrempp with his wife Lydia at the Annual General Meeting of DaimlerChrysler in 2006.
In 1995, Edzard Reuter (right) is succeeded by Jürgen Schrempp. (Left Hilmar Kopper).
Richard Grasso, Robert Eaton, Jürgen Schrempp and Wall Street President William Johnston at the NYSE in November 1998.
Lydia and Jürgen Schrempp, 2004: McLaren's new center opening in Woking, England.
SLR England
100-year celebration of the DaimlerChrysler factory in Untertürkheim.
40-Jahr Feier
Schrempp is also a passionate cigar smoker.



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