46664 – Mandela´s prisoner number on Robben Island and today a worldwide campaign of the Nelson mandela Foundation.
Nelson Mandela and Jürgen Schrempp receiving the Honorary Bambi. Moses Chikane accepting the award on behalf of Nelson Mandela.
Lydia and Jürgen Schrempp attending the Bambi Awards in 2006.
The force behind the Global Business Coalition: Jürgen E. Schrempp and Richard Holbrooke.
Schrempp receives the Global Leadership Award in 1998.
“I don´t know anyone who is as convinced about the fight against HIV/AIGS as my good friend Jürgen Schrempp,” said Nelson Mandela.
Jürgen Schrempp and Jean-Luc Lagadère.
MBSA support enabled the Wesleyville Combined School and Community Center in Chalumna to open in 2001. It is still a gold mine for the region.
Schrempp receiving the Baden-Württemberg Medal of Merit from Erwin Teufel.
Jürgen Schrempp receiving the Order of Good Hope from Nelson Mandela.
Jürgen Schrempp, CEO of SAFRI, presenting an illustrated book about the Peace Parks, founded by Dr. Anton Rupert.
Schrempp received the Woodrow Wilson Award For Corporate Citizenship in 2005.

Jürgen Schrempp’s dedication to a wide range of domains has earned him numerous awards from specialist circles in commerce and industry.

For instance, he has been named “European Manager of the Year” by the Spanish business magazine Futuro, “Manager of the Year” by Business Week, “Industry Leader of the Year” by Manager Magazine and “Man of the Year” by Automobile Magazine. Schrempp’s international efforts gained him the prestigious Premio Capo Circeo under the patronage of the European Commission. This cultural prize has been awarded annually for the last 28 years by the German-Italian Friendship Association. It is given to public figures who have made a major positive impact on German-Italian relations in politics, business and culture and who have promoted a shared European culture. He has also received the Golden Steering Wheel from the German Sunday paper “Bild am Sonntag”.

His efforts for the wider community and society have been honored in numerous ways. Both he and former South African President and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Nelson Mandela, received an Honorary Bambi, a highly prized annual award from the German publishing company Burda Verlag for their exemplary joint efforts in the fight against Human immunodeficiency virus infection/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS). He bears the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany and two Orders of Merit from German federal states – Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Other honours he has received include the Commander of the French Legion of Honour and the Commander of the National Order of Merit of the French Republic, the The Vaticans Cross of the St. Gregory Order, the Grand Gold Decoration with Star for Services to the Republic of Austria and the Brazilian Order of the Southern Cross.

Schrempp received the Vernon A. Walters Award from the Atlantic Bridge and the Armonk Institute Award for the Promotion of German and American Jewish Relations; the Global Leadership Award of the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies and the Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship of the renowned Woodrow Wilson Center. He bears the Richard Merton Badge of Honour of the Stifterverband, (a joint initiative of German industries to promote science and higher education), the Hans Peter Stihl Award of the Forum of the Stuttgart Region, and he is an Honorary Senator and member of the Curatorium of the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg as well as Professor of the State of Baden-Württemberg, Honorary Doctor of the University of Graz and Honorary Doctor of Economics (h. c.) of the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.

Jürgen E. Schrempp is member of the Advisory Board since 1999.


Jürgen Schrempp

Jürgen Schrempp is Honorary Doctor of the University of Graz.
The Woodrow Wilson Award
Nelson Mandela and his friend Schrempp
Jürgen E. Schrempp and Richard Holbrook

He was awarded a very special and indeed personal honor by Nelson Mandela in 1999, when he received the Order of Good Hope, the highest civil honor for foreign citizens in South Africa. This award recognized his extraordinary support for the country, not just recently but above all during the difficult years of apartheid.

AWARDS to Jürgen Schrempp

3. Juni 1992Cross of the Order of Merit, Germany
17. Juni 1993Commander of the National Order of Merit of the French Republic
13. Juli 1995Bavarian Order of Merit
1996Vernon A. Walters Award
6. März 1998Vatican´s Cross of the St. Gregorius Order
10. Dezember 1998Global Leadership Award of the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies
28. Januar 1999„Order of Good Hope“ the highest civil Honor in South Africa
4. März 1999Honorary Doctorate of Economics (h. c.) of the University Stellenbosch, South Africa
6. Juli 1999Grand Gold Decoration of Honour with Star for Services to the Republic of Austria
7. Oktober 1999Brazilian Order „Southern Cross“
28. September 2000Medal of Merit of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg
9. Oktober 2000Professorship of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg
26. Oktober 2000Commander of the French Legion of Honor
19. November 2003Honorary Doctorate of the University of Graz, Austria
26. Juni 2004Richard-Merton-Badge of Honour the Stifterverband, a joint initiative of German industries
16. Juni 2005“Woodrow Wilson” Award for Corporate Citizenship
28. Oktober 2005“Hans-Peter-Stihl“ Award 2005 of the Forum of the Stuttgart Region

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